Forest of Dean Fun Kids MTB Race - Spring Series 2008

Results Sunday, 2nd March 2008

race position riders name riders surname
C08 1 Megan James
C08 2 Kim Baptista
C08 3 Joseph Beckingsale
C08 4 Lance Hutchinson
C08 5 Sam Hardy
C08 6 Matthew Baptista
C08 7 Anna Yapp
C08 8 Andrew Wheatley
C08 9 Sebi Turvey
C08 10 Sophie Biddlecombe
C08 DNS Scott Bridgewater
C10 1 Jessica Roberts
C10 2 Jack Broadley
C10 3 Ben Beckingsale
C10 4 Nathan Ford
C10 5 Ffion Llewellyn
C10 6 Peter Kibble
C10 7 Harry Biddlecombe
C10 8 Grace Bennion
C10 9 Suzanna  Clarke
C10 10 Sid Stanley-Hughes
C10 DNS Liam Fitzpatrick-Smith
C12 1 ffion James
C12 2 Sam Beckingsale
C12 3 Ashley Hutchinson
C12 4 Rowan Miller
C12 5 Nathan Llewellyn
C12 6 Emily Haycox
C12 7 Mathew Yapp
C12 8 James Derry
C12 9 Emma Roberts
C12 10 Zach Austin
C12 DNS James Derry
c14 1 Jack Llewellyn
c14 2 Joseph Anstice
c14 3 Adam King
c14 4 Amy Roberts
c14 5 Samuel Leigh-Cattrall
c14 6 Howard Clarke
c14 7 Thomas Profit
c14 8 Simon Todd
c14 9 Ben da Cunha
c16 1 Ryan Nash
c16 2 Samuel Anstice
c16 3 David Jones
c16 4 Osian Cassells
c16 5 Harry williams
c16 Francisco Marquesini
I have made a couple of changes hope you all agree?

See you in Abergavenny


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